Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New radio show coming plus the last "Live on MNN" this Saturday.

Wow, not even a ferengi would stoop this low. It the way they are going about is just pure corporate evil greediness. Isn't CBS rich enough and to look down on the very fan base that made the franchise last all these years and putting extra money in CBS pockets. Go ahead and kill the Golden Goose before it lays her eggs is pure dumb. We Trekkers like to use SCotty's famous line: :Fool me once shame on me, Fool me twice shame on you. FU CBS! Keep your friggin show...

Some spoilers if you haven't seen the show. The one thing mentioned is the use of flashbacks which I'm not a fan of but it works good on this show in which it covers a lot of ground to move the story along.

Is it because it's the best Bond ever? Cause there's nothing else out there to look forward too (minus Peanuts of course) or just a filler until SW7 (did we forget Hunger Games closer already?). Which every way you look at it, Thiswill be a top 10 of all time, Duh!

Hey Disney here's is a greedy solution. Have special cosplay screenings for fans who want to dress up after they have seen the movie already. They can save their ticket from the first time then attend the cosplay and invite their friends who haven't seen it like an invitation to a party that they host. Kaching, repeat screenings. That should help it to make it No. 1 of all time, You greedy rat bastards.

Ge how come I didn't see this coming? But you have to have Sly in the mix. Creed alone can't be that strong for the box office.

Finally done with "The Deuce" that HBO show with James Franco. Geez,talk about long hours per day. More on this on my Radio show  plus photos from the shoot. Detail coming later this week.
Below: Filming at Asterdam Avenue at the corner of 145 St. Stand in for Times Square. Lots of  CG will take of replacing the buildings here. Notice the car from the early 1970's period. At this corner Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal is playing a prostitute picking up a john. Union rules would not allow me to shoot closer as I was working on the set.

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