Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

New Radio Show coming before the weekend. This page blog will be updated tomorrow.

For all the mixed reviews Bond will still do great at the boxoffice with Peanuts tagging along. So much for the rest of the films.
What a tease. While most of the same as previously seen with extra little tidbits thrown in. Just show the movie already. 4 weeks with nothing to really looking forward to. Well maybe that whale picture.
JJ is great talking about the mythology and who these characters are in the story and will don't learn a thing. This guy is great talking in circles and for us to keep on guessing. Hope his direction is more focused.

Presented here are 10 things explaining the characters and some of the plot without giving up to much information.
Double Kaching. 3D! with Imax. It just can't fail. And of course tonight ABC is going to milk it with the SW7 promotion heck Disney owns ABC. It should be fun. And lets not forget Sunday AMA hosted by Jennifer Lopez. Of course this doesn't help with any of the movies out there and ones that are coming out. Come on, how many are going: Screw Star Wars, Hunger Games will be the biggest this year!!!   um, didn't think so.
So far JJ has been doing a great job on keeping secrets of the plot unlike T:Genesys which was like a big spoiler in the trailer. And Serkis is so coy at revealing things while not revealing things. Now that's a master of publicity.
I like Pegg but he's here to promote a film that going to tank. So scroll down all the way to his photo as Scotty on Star Trek Reboot. This where he talks Trek and Wars. Wow what a lucky guy.
Bob returns as a Ghost Jedi again.He was so funny that he really earned the Emmy for his role. Hopefully this won't be his last time for the season. They need tobring him back once the BR of SW7 comes out.
Was anyone asking for this. The first one was horrible. One of the few stinkers that Jackman has made. (we won't mention Pan). But Van Helsing needs to be part of the mythology like in the Hammer Films, not a solo film. Jeez they still don't get it.

Why post this? I anyone remembers this and Star Wars were both nominated for Best Picture back in 1977 Oscars and of course Annie Hall won. While I love most of Allen's movie (when he got serious he lost me) this one hasn't aged good. But funniest of all time? Sorry but out of the nominated I'm going for Airplane, great spoof on disaster movies which started with Airport back in 1970. And why Blazing Saddles or Young Frankenstein was not on this list is beyond me. Mel Brooks can be a lot funnier than Woody Allen but that's just me.

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