Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

This includes Tuesdays News as to catch up due to airplane trip. Bond special coming soon on the next radio show as promised.
2 minute video with George and JJ talking over a tablet. Pretty funny. And Jar Jar is still mentioned!
Well they wasted him in Avengers Ultron and Quicksilver in X-Men was so much better. While a cool scene but not much else was given to the actor, at least he's back with a bigger sequence. Something to look forward to.
So the film starts with Ford in the first scene. And then...? Not much of a spoiler. He can show up at the beginning, introduce the rest of the cast then dissapear to just show up at the end.
The reason these were classics was the time period and the black & white filming. Most of these have been remade and not very good to really bad. Updating these ave not turn out classics. But Universal is on a streak at the box office. But maybe this will lose their momentum.
Like I was saying since it's premiere, too long and it should have been tighter. Umm, is he also reading my blog? But I didn't say condensed tho.
Yes. Supposedly one hour was cut. Hopefully that get put back in and Then have deleted scenes that were Not necessary to the plot. Plus the commentary will be interesting on hearing from the man who is going to direct Furious 8, or what ever the heck their going to call that thing.
Do we need to see a movie about drones. Seeing Cruise back in role would be cool and Kilmer needs a break. His performance in Tombstone as Doc Holiday was Oscar worthy for Supporting Actor. But do we need Top Gun 2?
Who would want another movie based on a video game after failure of Pixels. But is the maker of of the beginning of the game aka Social Network. This would make a great film on thecreation of the game. Now where is Wrecking Ralph 2?
Gotham gets 2 nods for cinematography along with Games of Thrones. The big surprise is The Man in the High Castle on Netflix. Great concept for a show and already nominated.
Now wonder! The show was boring. With a great cast I tuned in and surprise how bad it was. HOw the heck did that happened with all those credentials?

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