Monday, November 02, 2015

Monday Movie News

 New Radio Show this Thursday and the Live on MNN show coming this Saturday, the last show for the year.
At this rate it will hit the top 10 all time for sure. And China has added more theatres since Skyfall to guarantee that spot. The only question is where in the Top 10 will it land.
Le's face it. Spectre and SW& are the bookends for the Holidays. Everything else is an afterthought. Especially Hunger Games. While it'll have Thanksgiving to save it from bombing it's a franchise thats over and done with. The only exception will be The Peanuts Movie which will have it's own fan base
of young and old including me, lol.
Not only a review of last nights episode but also the omission of Steven Yeun name in the opening credits. Even through the producers refuse exact confirmation of his death but he did renew his contract and this episode even ignore the aftermath of his death.
Good review that the film is in good hands and they have a winner on their hands. No competition here going against Bond. For us oldsters it's a double header for a fun weekend. By the makers of Ice Age and Rio how can they go wrong? 2 Franchises which I love by the way.
A new site was launch last week which I couldn't enter after given the passwords to enter. Kind of a pain in the ass. But maybe you could. So far it looks like the second biggest BR?DVD sales after Furious 7.

This is the HBO show I've been working on. Because he is playing both parts of the brothers,
scenes had to be shot twice so can match up. Which is why last week Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were 18 hour days couldn't update this blog. Same schedule for this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Hopefully this blog and a new radio show will be done this coming Thursday, if I get enough sleep that is, lol.
PS some pictures from the set will be posted soon.

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