Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday's Movie News

Working on a new radio show for Thanksgiving. Stay tune. This blog is in progress for the day.
The highlight of the show with Fords introduction for John Williams, next to Celine Dion touching  tribute to Paris of course. Pentatonix whose vocals were fantastic (that's what real singing sounds like by the way)  were perfect with the orchestra while showing scenes from the movies. Rest of the show? Who the hell cares.
Well so much for repeats next weekend with 3 other films coming out and Spectre and Peanuts still No. 2 & 3 this past weekend. And with that AMA push with Star Wars people are just too hike about anything else besides the hardcores for Hunger Games. Oh well, lol. (yes I'm enjoying this).

Updated links:
This new article has no faith in the boxoffice. This should be interesting in the long run after the holiday weekend.
I can't believe something this big and Disney as let JJ finish this to the wire. Maybe just to secure that a pirate copy won't show up early so they finish it up at the last minute. But man that is close.
Well now this makes sense by ignoring Alein 3&4 and continue from Alien 2. And let them get Prometheus : (place extra title here) out of the way so we hard core fans can finally look forward to this.
What a lame way to go. They couldn't do any better for Clara? What a lousy send off. They didn't have a better budget for her instead of dying on a small soundstage trying to be a busy street?

As was said before, the actor did re-nup his contract to continue on the show. But you figure they would leave this surprise for the very last episode for the fall finale. So there, he's alive, for now.
Is it me or is this just bad timing for this kind of news. Atually everything is kind of bad timing with that 800 lb gorilla approaching in December. Really what kind of news can top Star Wars. Even Marvel and DC has to take a back seat on this. But I do like the title, different from the original series instead "of" this "of" that. etc.

Bonus: Taken from the centerfold of the new Wired Magazine. How many franchise cameos can you spot?  Godzilla sticks out pretty good. Taken with my LG phone.

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