Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Radio coming show coming for Thanksgiving weekend.

Included video is the Han Solo Chewbacca balcony scene. Pretty cool show but still too short for us die hards. But that game thing at the end was a waste of time. Should have had more interview.

Disney being humble. Like hell they are. They took a beating with Tomorrowland they are going all out with this and want to break every record known to man king. So who are they kidding?

Cruise does better with Sci-Fi for the most part. Does anyone remember Interview with a Vampire?
He should stay clear from this. He would just be miscast all together.

Over 40 pics. While not an Arrow fan, still looking forward to this double header as the last crossover was fun and this should be.

Hey what happened here? No Micheal Gross? He's the one who continued the franchise when Bacon did not want to continue the films. Now he's acting in it and an executive producer. No problem with that but bring back gross, he made the franchise!

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