Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New Radio Show coming before I get on a plane next week. Stay tune.
She finally got the title of General. Why not? Han Solo got his title in the original trilogy. 91 pics included in this article.
At least he got the franchise rebooted for it to continue. We're lucky he came this far to be on board for these proects.
Bond and Peanuts got this all the way through Thanksgiving. Sorry for Jolie but this is the holidays, no time for artsy fartsy films.
So that was a "Birdman" Shot? Clever editing. The beginning of Spectre in Mexico City was so smooth I didn't even notice the cutting involved. And I'm a Certified Editor. How the heck did that happen? While there is some dispute on hte fans love/hate relationship There was a lot of references that I looked forward to.  Speaking of which....
Actually there's more references that they miss:
1. He's talking to a rat in a hotel room. Diamonds are forever he's trapped in a sewer with a rat.
2. What does this watch do, later it explodes. Live and Let Die Bond uses the watch as a magnet.
3. Blofeld mentions an asteroid made this crater. You only live twice the hideout is a volcano.
There are others but I have to see the film again.
Wow, that's some chump change there. While it beats Jurassic World they don't dare mention FW7, right?
Snowpiercer was a favorite of mind last year so I'm glad Joon-Ho is back with Pitt producing. Who knew Pitt would have a hit with WWZ so with an awesome cast hopefully this will also be a hit.
Speaking of which, this is a bad idea. How many stories can you tell on a train before the big trainwreck at the end. This ain't zombies, you know?
Joel was the creator so if  anyone can make this work it;s him regardless who comes back and who is new like the host. Remember when Mike took over and everyone had a fit but the show kept on going. As long as Crow, my favorite and Tom Servo are back this will work. There is so much crap out there to cover. We can't keep waiting every few weeks for Honest Trailers to come out.

1st Bonus:
Kinda fun if you have the time and not hard to understand. But I only made it to level 12 (out of 15) due to speed to catch up on my part. You start with B88 then as R2D2 catching things.

2nd Bonus:
Behind the scenes filmmaking 101 with video. These are a preview for an upcoming special on Dec.13th on Sundance tv. Featured are Compton, Black Mass, Martian, Hateful Eight, Revenant.

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