Monday, November 16, 2015

Mondays Movie News

Radio show postpone to later this week as it will be a new season for Live From PR! like anyone can tell, lol. Anyways heading on a plane tonite, landing tomorrow and hopefully a new show before the end of the week. The Spectre Special will be the new show.
Spectre and Peanuts stay strong with Bond breaking the $500M mark in 2 weeks. Not bad at all.
But out of all films The Martian has shown it has the longest legs this fall. Still in the top 5 all this time.
Remember when I said on the Radio shows forget about Witch Hunter, Vin should just do Fast Furious 9, 10, 11, 12..20..and so as a joke. Be careful what you wish for folks cuase he it comes. Unless Vin is reading this blog.
Good question. Why? Even through the concept is a good one ust see the original. Duh!
They should give this a break, the last one sucked and again nobody is asking for this. again and again.....
You know, screw this movie, I'm sick of hearing about the different titles. If you can't tell what the script is about then that is not a good sign. Nobody is asking for this. Where's Aliens with Signourney. That's the one everyone wants to see, since the Alien 3 really sucked big time.

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