Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Radio Show coming this week. Along with a YouTube special.

For a long article it sure coves the basis on what's going on withthe writing on the sequels to No. 7.
As far as looking forward to this reaching an all time high, After Bond 007 Spectre being a disappointment to so many people can't wait for this with nothing really solide to look forward to. Forget Hunger Games, that is so over.

So tv is the new ad campaign. Heck, where ever we can gt our fix until the movie premieres!

RIP, what a great wife that he had by his side. At least he got his wish.

The shot of course is not complete since the rest of the villains hide out is not seen. This was put in later. The scene was kind of laid back compare to some other Bond movies where everything is blow to hell near the end of the movie. That was kind of strange. But still fun never the less.

Scarlett way over paid makes more money than Evans? And how can Renner make more money than Hemsworth? And Ruffalo's salary is a joke. Black Widow and Hawkeye are secondary characters compared to the top 4: IM, Cap America, Thor, Hulk. And I don't want to hear about women getting their due salary. Scarlett's record is not all that.

While a sequel wasn't necessary thanks to Ellen delivery I'm still looking forward to this. But they should have concentrated on The Incredibles, instead we are getting another Cars movie, Ugghh.

That happens with most shows, tv studios are so nervous nowadays they'll drop a show in a wink. CAse in point: HBO dropped The Brink with Jack Black, great writing and funny as heck but ratings were 5M with a big budget due to the cast. But they renewed Ballers with Dwayne Johnson, funny not that smart with 8M vewiers and lower budget. They are so nervous they moved Jennifer Lopez show......see below.

After the Watchmen his career kind of floated here and there. Now he gets to play badass Negan. This should get him back on track

They moved up this show to avoid the competition. Lopez track record at the boxoffice is awful and her with drama don't mix. I worked on this show a few months back andwhile I didn't see Lopez, I did havea scene with Ray Liotta in a hospital scene. Tall guy for sure. Blink and you'll miss me, lol. More on the radio show covering background acting for the curious.

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