Monday, November 09, 2015

Mondays Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio shows this week. Also a new YouTube special will be recorded as well.
This should have cleared at least $80M. Guess the world of mouth wasn't that good for the film.
Either way Craig should come back one more time to face the ultimate villain that Spectre started.
My favorite part was the references to the past films throughout the film. That was fun.
Mini  video with trivia for the top 5 movies of the weekend. Peanuts did great at $45M opening. This will have legs (long running boxoffice aka Hotel Transylvania 2) and should do good at Thanksgiving. Hopefully Spectre will run good unless once people find out the ending they might skip it.
This goes over the international B.O. and compares the currency of foreign markets with Skyfall. Curiously Hotel T2 is Sony's biggest title so far. That still doesn't save Sandler's career, He's only a voice that gets dub into other languages anyway. Ask the French about it.
Very short but still give me chills at the end. I like that overhead shot of the ships in the sky, looks like JJ got his imagination going here. And hopefully it won't drag like Spectre in some spots.
Duh! It was too obvious when the DNA expert got on that helicopter with the briefcase and escaped the island. Sequel! And why stop there when it hit the top 5 of all time. Trilogy! Gee is Hollywood going to pull anything else out of their ass besides franchises?
See? Best of both worlds since I'm a fan of both. Shatner does Star Wars. This was pretty funny. At least Carrie and Brad both have a sense of humour hosting this. And as fas I'm concern it's apple and oranges for me.
A sequel to this film? While I liked the first I wouldn't think this would need a sequel. But at least it's got's Depp and he's always good with voices.
Shame about that cancer thing. I remember seeing Chainsaw as a kid and it scared the crap out of me. Something horror movies today fail to do. REad his book about the making of the movie and how the producers got ripped off. The distributors got rich and everyone got screwed including Director Hopper.
As an editor myself I always pay close attention to this catagory. For me The Martian and Mad Max are the frontrunners. They also mention what happened with Birdman which should have been nominated. Well at least Whiplash won and I was good for that.

The Last MNN show for the year. The radio shows will take over but I am presenting special on YouTube. That gives me a chance of showing my collectibles fans have been asking about.

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