Thursday, November 05, 2015

Thursday Movie News

Final show today for the season  "Live on MNN' Saturday at 5pm. You can see it here:
 Blog Talk Radio postponed until next week with Bond and Godzilla Specials. 2 of Hollywood's biggest franchises.

Weekend Update:
New Pilot on YouTube now playing below links. There will be another one with headset mike and extra lights. This is meant to be a substitute for Live on MNN until the show returns next year.
Bond needs $650M  to break even? Is this insane or what? But it will and can't wait for the next installment. Mini review: 4 out of 5. More details coming next week.

Lots of new footage that plays in sequence, mostly the first hour of the movie. So B88 does talk!
This is all filmmaking 101 business jargon. Let me translate:
"We want a raise plus 20% take of the boxoffice profits or we walk."
If this picture crosses the $1 Billion mark will the studio take a chance a hire somebody new to continue? Especially for the 25th film?
Wow, 61 percent only for 007? What the heck is that about? The problem is obvious. Most are comparing this to Skyfall and don't like the idea that this is paying tribute to the old Bond of Connery/Moore and Brosnan. Picky picky picky. And most weren't even born when this franchise started and now their expects. Screw them.
2 minute mini video interview that doesn't tell you much. Of course on purpose not to spoil anything. Little did I realized this is the same actor as Attack The Block by the producers of Shaun of the Dead starring Simon Pegg who was in JJ's Star Trek and makes a cameo in Star Wars (remember that video on the set) also directed by JJ. Coincidence or not?
Another mini video interview. Another British accent?  How wonder american actors are pissed off with the imports. They don't say it but I heard it on the sets of the shows I've on as a background actor. It really bugs them as it takes a job away from them.
At one point Francis Ford Coppola was to direct a version of this after his Bram Stokers Dracula. Instead he gave his notes to Director Kenneth Branagh who did his take on it. Do we need another version of this. Maybe for the actors but there are other films coming down the pike based on Frankenstein. Do we need all these?
Shame, strange that's no comment from Ford but then again...E.T. is one of my favorite films and still holds a place in my collection but I'm glad they mentioned the Black Stallion, underrated film everyone  should check out for the family.
Minions of course but I'm glad to see Shaun the Sheep Movie since that was mostly ignored at the boxoffice. Inside Out looked great but not a great movie. One of Pixars least favorite for me.
The big story as told by Quint in the movie Jaws. Another movie version I recommend is
Mission of the Shark: The Saga of the U.S.S. Indianapolis starring Richard Thomas and Stacy Keach. It covers alot of details on what happen in WW2. Does this need a remake? Well it depends on the budget where they can expand on the scope of the story. Besides seeing Cage in a uniform is always a hoot.

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