Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio now playing along with latest Live on MNN. See bottom of this blog for the video. Due to working on HBO's "The Deuce" the next new blog will be this coming Monday.

Saturday Update:
Update on the ratings for the show and it's a big hit. Will it stay that way? It looks that way as some other shows are having problems with their ratings. Good for her.

Wow what a surprise, lol. This season so far has been great along with a superbody count,Zombies and superhero are ruling the airwaves. How wonder the studios are scratching their heads, lol.

Wednesday Update:
Good for her and the crew. My favorite thing about this show and I hope they keep this up that it's light and not like Agents of Shield being dark and depressing. No fun. I like fun! Even tho the premise is dark with her enemies the overall is upbeat with Flockhart as her boss and comedy relief.
Not like another show I loved and got cancelled after one year...

WTF?!!! Great writing, great acting all around, great premise and funny as hell and this gets cancelled. While Ballers did better ratings and we all love The Rock, it was not as tight as The Brink. They both should have been a double header for a Saturday Night. Hopefully the same doesn't happen the Blunt Talk with Patrick Stewart who is also funny as hell and his age he dances? WTF! lol.

So how did we like the premiere episode. While it';s exactly the same show that leaked a few months back there was some tweaking with the special effects, just sharper really. As far as Supergirl herself she's perfect for the role as is the rest of the cast. Never heard of her before, have you? No? Well check out the next link below for a little bio...that was her in Homeland? Wow!

Her bio courtesy of Joblo. Man these guys don't miss a thing, lol. And she's a brunette too?

http://movieweb.com/star-wars-7-force-Even tawakens-luke-skywalker/
OK, he's not in the trailer but that is his hand next to R2D2. As far as I'm concern just more publicity for the movie. But with the release so soon they still haven't got to do the score? Kinda close, don't you think?

Even through both The Killer and Hard Boiled could use an update, they will screwed it up with to much wired harness and green screen like the superhero movie nowadays. These should be hardcore and Hollywood is just going to ruin it no matter who is directing it.

Does it deserve it? Why not. There's not much out there to begin with. Sure there's talk of Depp and Fassbender but both their films tanked. There's Spielberg for Bridge but no repeat there. Again if anything it will get the tech awards for sure.

Godzilla rip-off which every way you look at it. That's all this is. Hence on the bottom of the list.

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