Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New Blog Talk radio show  on Friday. Link of Bourne Ulitmatum on the set pics and video on my flickr page.
Early predictons already? Buthte reviews have been killer. But so have some of the other movies like The Walk and Steve Jobs. Now competition between Oscar nod movies instead of the summer junk for 2015.
Check out the video: It's HBO not Porn. Funny! Even thought the show is taking the idea to an extreme, if anyone remembers the original movie the part about having sex with a robot is mentioned butnot shown. Here we will get the real deal. As far as me working as a background actor would I ever consider doing this? Hell No! Not with this beer belly.
So called beginnings of the Joker clip. Can't wait for the Joker and The Penguin then the fireworks ae goin to fly. Season two is off to a great start so far.
Too fast, too soon. By third year if they are not careful there will be a burnout on this. Remember this is not a show about Zombies aka Dead.
This will take you directly to my Bourne Ultimatum on the set pictures. I live across the street and
just walked over to the set and was allowed to take pictures. Included is the video of Damon in action.

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