Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tueday's Movie News

Slow news day but there will be a new BTR show later this week. Lots of reviews.

Two videos included. Pretty much traight forward. At least it's not a mes like Prometheus 2 or Alein Paradise or whatever the hell the next film is called from the Alien Franchise.

Check out the comments on this. Interesting on what people say. for me keep at it is. Lke the article said some of these episodes are hit and miss as it is. Add extra episodes will degrade the quality so keep as is it is along with the Xmas special.

Everyone is still crossing theri fingers on this. Butnow is postponed all because o fthe budget. Del toro has to stop thinking big and just concentrate on a smaller script and get rid of those subplots. Those characters were not that intersting to begin with.e

45 second tease for thenew BR trilogy. New documentary, the cartoon series and a book. Now I feel ripoff on my original BR tirolgy set. But at least the original bonusfeatures make it worth it

Taken a few years ago at Time Square and Broadway. This is the model that visits different states through out the yearsponsering Micheal J. Fox charity. More pix can be found on my flickr page.
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