Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New Radio show coming before the weekend.
More studio politics. How Universal let King Kong publick domain is beyond reason. Now with alll this shuffling of Kong and tying in with the "Monach" idea tie in with Godzilla, other projects are getting affected. Now their saying Pacific Rim 2 is on hold now. Would somebody make up their mind?
More news about size and both teaming up no fight another creature. Why are they making thingsmore complicated than needed. Aren't they getting ahead of themselves. Just get Skull Island and the Godzilla mashup with King G, Mothra and Rodan done already.
This is an expansion on the news of PR2 being put on hold. Since I'm a fan member with I picked them for an opinion on the matter. Remember, It's Del Toro who has to put out an official announcement on the future of PR2 getting made. Cross the fingers.
Killing off a fan favorite was a big no-no. And a schocker to end the season. At least his contract is still good. So how are they going to bring him back. I mean he lost a lot of blood there. But then again this is the land of dragons so anything is possible, lol.
Doesn't matter who directs this. Nobody is asking for this. Check out hte comments on the trashing of this. Yep, sony just doesn't get it. And never mind 007 Bond. That was a franchise in the making already. All they got it's the rights and have no part of the process of making it.
Pictures and trailers included. While the rating are slowing down for Fear of the Walking Dead, people are looking forward to the original Dead. The problem with Fear is that it needs to pick up on the action and needs more intros of zombies. But it does have a good cast so hopefully it will get better.

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