Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Radio show coming this week with Furious BR and Monster Hunt review. Hint: Both get a 4 out of 5.

They finally adjusted this post to show the true placement of both Furious 7 and Avengers Ultron. But by the end of the year it won't matter as Bond and Star Wars are going to crash the Top 10 and re-adjust those numbers anyways. But it's nice to see F7 above Ultron. I know me and these boxoffice numbers. But c'mon who doesn't want to see Star Wars as the biggest film on this list?

So the big question based on what JK Simmons said before he left the film. It takes place around 1971 in Detroit of all places. So the whole story gets a different timeline. How would that fit with the Godzilla time line? But by having a different time line, it will make it easier for Kong to be bigger so their sizes would match up.

It sucks getting old. And accidents are a part of life. But it hard to believe Hamill is 63 already. Time sure goes fast and just glad that these films are getting made to begin with. But...The Hunger what? Who cares. And in case you missed it don't forget to check out my interview with him from 1993 on our channel on Youtube.

So Missy is going to start the new season. Of course I'm waiting for the Daleks. Can never get tired of those guys. They always coming back with some new look added to them. Now that's fun.

Have to admit. Woody sure knows how to play a villain as in previous roles like th nasty cop in Rampert. Not a great movie but his performance was crazy. In real like a total different guy. I met him on the set of Anger Management (Yankee Stadium), he shook hands with fans and signed autographs while taking a break from filming. Even through that experience left a bad expression on me as working as a background actor. Something I mentioned on the radio show a while back.

Is this really necessary? Well if the material is coming from the books then it could work but will the audeince be interested in revisting the family? It depends on the cast who need to be likeable. But at the end it's more rehashing on old properties.

Finally the BR treatment. What surprises me is how much material they uncovered for this release if you go to Amazon for the listings.

Well this should help MIcheal Jordon's career after Fantastic Four derailed that. While you know how the movie is going to end, the journey itself looks exciting. Not like Southpaw, while Jake gave a great performance, the film itself was a by the book setup. Boring. This movie should surprise at the boxoffice.

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