Thursday, October 01, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

BTR show postponed due to work schedule. ust had enough time to update this blog. Hopefully by Monday.

Like the comment in the article about no Sam Smith song featured in the trailer. Ouch! How fast that went south. Blame the producers, they have final say if the song gets greenlighted or not. Oh well.
Includes link for the first three comics of Young Luke for Free!
Well that saves time for my review on this disc. Love the western and Frankenstein references.

Long interview which gives a great insight to the writing skills required for a project like this.
Either way this is goingto be a big hit. But how big compare to the competition, that should be interesting.
Roger Moore was 57 on his last year. Craig can do a few more and money always talk. With that kind of money, he can afford a Doctor to look after his back and the rest of his aging body. Shame if he quits after this one now that they got this whole Spectre and Blofeld thing going.
While Cohen did start the franchise on the right track, the film needs a director with extreme action skills under his belt. Especially if the next location is New York City. No laid back shit here folks, we New Yorkers mean business!
4 seperate mini videos exploring the background of the film and it;s characters. This is probably moe exciting than the movie itself. Stilll have doubts on this. Hope I'm wrong. I gotta spend bucks on this.
Well this is screwed. Arnold on Celebrity Apprentice, Max Max costing less and grossing more (Max Who? but we all know the Terminator) and the rights going back to Cameron in a few years, they can pretty much write this off. Wait until the BR/DVD sales will be the final nail in the coffin. If those discs don't sale then it's really over.
While he directed one of my favorite disasters moives of all time what theydon't mention that a lot of the action sequences were directed by Producer Irwin Allen (Lost In Space amontg other tv shows), and of course he directed 1976 King Kong the fun campy version with Kong on the World Trade Centers, another favorite of mind.

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