Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday's Movie News

Top 10 of all time Baby! New Radio show coming later this week. Last MNN show below links.
Like I said on the live show, Minions made it to the top 10 of all time and took out Transformers for the No. 10 spot becoming the Second biggest animation of all time. Thanks little guys for winning my bet.
Seems like the studio is nervous on the next director and putting pressure on Deisel to make sure it's the right director. Again the studio wants to make sure that F7 was no fluke. But to wrap up the franchise with a trilogy? That also sounds like it could be the franchise can be headed to cable where it would cost less with new characters. As far as they are concern is all about the cars and not the story.
Predictions already? Well most of these have not been seen yet but there's talk about how these nods are cmpare to last year. Most of the pictures from last year did not deserve to be nominated to begin with. The one catagory to look out for is the Best Actor. They all deserve to be nominated. Even tho Redmayne won last year. But then again Tom Hanks won back to back for the Oscar so who knows.
But Cranston needs to win it. Just for being Cranston
So a web series it is. But each segment is only one minute long. Who wants to watch that? And how much info can that up to. And don't forget you have to put with with ads along with that. A waste of time.
Who cares. worst kept secret. But if you really want to come out, why not say it. The show has lost it's comedy. It's boring, except for House of Horrors episode. Even the comment said said the same. How about coming out with the nex tmovie and wrap up the series.
Cool 4 minute plus video on behind the scenes making of. Shame the video is more exciting than the movie which was a let down. 2 out of 5.

Our last live show on MNN on Sept. 26 with 3 more to go before we take a winter break but there will be a Star Wars pre-tape show. MOre on that later this week.
PS the last 3 shows have been reposted on Youtube for better clarity. It's the best we can do.

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