Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

New Radio show postponed until Monday. No MNN show this weekend as it's not scheduled.

Friday's Post:
Shame that shehad to leave. She was one of the cutest companions the Doctor had Well at least we get River Song for the Xmas Special. Yeah Yeah I know, I got a thing for her too, lol. Enjoy the premiere.
So Del Toro has spoken. Have to give him credit. He sticks to his guns to make the films he wants to make. But he should do the Micheal Bay and make crap and some FU money to become rich so he can the movies he wants AND get them made. He's going to the long way about it and some things just don't get made in this business.

SWill somebody makeup their mind again? It started production but Toho hasn't acknowledge it. What is that about? Just get the damn hing finished already. And who is the other monster he's going to fight.
So he shows up in the third act in No. 7 and is in No.8. Apparently this location has a lot do to with the story overall since it's spread between two films. But no mention of Han Solo and the others. Umm.
5 minute video behind the senes and preview of the second season.  Looking forward to the new characters. It looks like fun. I love this show and still don't understand the backlash from some fans.
Check out the making of video. Remember Durabont was responsible for Walking Dead, bringing back Godzilla and writing the best Indiana Jones script that was never used. Lucas chose instead to make Crystal Skull script. How wonder Disney turned your ideas down for SW7,8,9. Very underrated movie with a surprise ending not even Stephen King saw coming. The special edition has the movie in black and white which works great like old school tv.If they can pick the right angle this can work. Well they got Kings blessing so thats a good start.
A movie franchise nobody is asking for. Of course they're pushing this just in time for the new Xbox game. And who is asking for that?

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