Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Summer Box Office Reports

New shows coming this week plus Live on MNN this Saturday.
As far the release dates go, United Arab Emirates will have their premiere on Dec. 15. Why them? You figure they would want China to open up first to get that big push (money grab) first. Go figure.

Some of these pics are from Topps Trading Cards which is nice too see. And watch those 100 days go by fast. 007 and Star Wars and this year is over, lol.

Surcharges on Ticket Price for Star Wars? Whaaaaa? The article talks about the summer big pay off but the main reading is at the 8th paragraph (next to the picture of Johnny Depp) and how they want to experiment with tickets prices with Star Wars. Like the friggin picture is going to clear and $1B is not enough? Because Disney was disappointed by The Avengers Ultron figures? Disney or not, this is corporate greed at it's best. Unreal. See next article below about those numbers....

2Nd paragraph: The four mention are Avatar, Titanic, JWorld, Furious 7 and No Avengers Ultron which is actually No. 5. But accordingly to Boxoffice Mojo it's the other way around with Ultron and F7. Variety has been around way longer and is the major account to look at. Apparently Disney has a hold on BO Mojo and won't tell the truth.

Top 5 including F4, Pixels, Man from Uncle, Aloha the last one kind of strange since it didn't cost alot to begin with. It wasn't that bad, just a snooze fest, oops wrong film that belongs to Man from Uncle.

Talk about the top 5 international hitof all time. Preview of what's to come on the BR edition. Or you can get the 7 disc collection for about $65. And that's a lot of features!

A good British Singer fits perfectly. Now it's just a matter of how good the song is going to be. Will it be Live and Let Die good or a Madonna train wreck. A lot of people are not happy with this but he will be first British singer since 1965 so this makes sense in the traditional sense.

One big tease, lol. But already in production which is great news. These are the guys behind Attack on Titan which I recommend jus to see the special effects done on the film. I gave that 3 out of 5. Pretty gross for a giant monster movie, weak middle but one hell of a ending no matter how over the top it was. And this was just part one, lol.

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