Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New BTR show comng before Live on MNN this Saturday.

From the creators of Ice Age movies, which I love everyone of them, this movie is in good hands.
ust to see the Red Baron in 3D is worth the ticker.

Not much to go on but it does have that old classic sound from the old days with the orchestra feel.
It's got to be better as Sam is a good songwriter and a great singer and BRITISH! We'll find out this Friday for sure.

Well that's different. This guy needs a break.While he was not great in the role I blame the lousy scripts that made everyone look kind lf foolish. Good article with some minor spoilers.

There is so many directions they could go to. But one thing for sure, get off that damn island. And fix that mistake with P2 by going to San Diego. Australia would be fun and so many other places.

Real long article with some spoilers but it's interesting how the show is growing with it's married couples. Totally different from 2 nerds and a blond girl premise. But at these salaries don't be surprise the show is gone in 2 years. And why did they put thisshowback on Mondays instead of Thrusdays? Oh never mind. See the next link for find the answers. Keep all the fanboys all in one place I guess.

New footage from Season 1. As I reviewed the pilot episode at thebeginning of summer, I have the show a 3 out of 5. Too rushed of a story for one hour and some of the effects in the second half were syfy channel bad. But it does haf premise and is more light hearted than Arrow and Flash. And yes it does follow Big Bang Theory. How wonder they moved it to Mondays.

But they had no problems with Kermit and Ms Piggy being a couple in the movies and their original Muppet show over 30 years ago. Hellooooooooooo.? I just hope its funny enough. We'll find out tonight.

I'm surprise this is getting a sequel since this was totally ignored in the US. Again the international boxoffice saved it.This was a great movie and you should check it out when it comes out on BR and online.

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