Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday's Movie News

New BTR show coming this week.
Second biggest behind Frozen all thanks to China's Box Office. Also making it in the top 15 of all time. So close for the top 10. Not bad for a bunch of rascals talking minionese.
The movie that broke Furious 7 record at China's Box Office. Movie review on the next Bog Talk Radio Show coming this week.
Nolan is the wrong person for this. While Micheal Bay is a another no-no, someone like Del Toro who understands anime would be perfect for this. And while a trilogy is a bit fo a stretch the story could benefit for the backstories from what I can remember when first seeing this. And of course it's a nice cash grab forthe studios as usual.
So what happened to Terminator Genesys 2? Is that a writing on the wall? But this would be funny if he had those famous movie lines of his included. "You Are Terminated" "You won't be back" and so on. I watch theshow to begin with so having Arnold would be a plus.
They should have done The Incredibles 2 a long time ago instead of Cars 2. Hopefully people haven't got tired of superheros by the time this comes out. And why are they doing Cars 3 for? Oh yeah merchandise, jeez...
Wow, another production moving fast. The faster the better with some of these before the audience loses interest especially with so many superhero movies coming one after another, people mght get tired of these like everything else.
What's cool is they got most of the people involved in the movie for new interviews. Which leads to the next article.
They should have made this into a movie. but that would have been a franchise nightmare. But look at the cast listng in the trailer. Both MIcheal J Fox and Chirstopher Lloyd are playing thier Back to the Future roles. Peter Calpadi as Dr. Who and all the other

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