Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

 New Radio show coming tomorrow and Live on MNN on Saturday at 5pm.
Cool behind the scenes video. Real stunts, real action. Better than Furious 7. Yep this will land on the top 10 of all time international box office. And Craig has to do another one. All these other names are being mentioned and as far as I'm concern, if it ain't broken don't fix it. And bring back Mendes since he's proved he''s such a Bond fan.
Why would anyone leave a franchise this big especially if the studio is willing to give a huge check to keep doing the series. That is a lot a FU Money to walk away from. And to go back to a horror film. You go forward not backwards no matter how hard the next job is or how difficult the stars can be.
But the next one does need a solid director to prove that F7 was not a lucky 7. Vin can always direct down the line.
Like we're dying to see Prometheus 2 to begin with. Now we have to wait for No. 3 or 4 for the Alien connection. So what was the ending to Prometheus with that Alein was to begin with. What rubbish.
With an all star cast like this you figure the trailer would be a lot funnier. This looks disappointing
Crazy show it is. That's what makes the show so much fun. Sure it's over the top but there is some truth in behind the scenes thinking of the music industry even tho portrayed with such exargeration.
Have to admit, while it's great seeing the muppets back on TV, this behind the scenes gimmcik can get tiring after a while. But the show did have it's jokes. A variety show like the old school would have been a better idea but either way it's good to see the gang together again.

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