Thursday, September 03, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

New Radio show coming Labor Day.
Cool collection of tweets from the past week. My favorite: If the film stinks, JJ will be known as Jar Jar Abrams. Wow, that's mean, lol.
Here is CNET coverage of the of the STar Wars merchandise. Gallery included.

Well here it is. Millions sold. But whose got the space for all this stuff? See the link below for the 4 hour video. And as you can tell with the pciture above my favorite collectible in the Star Wars universe is the M Falcon.
Includes pics and the 4 hour video highlights from all over. Well I was working late so I didn't see this till this morning.
Now that Benecio Del Toro has mentioned the date and his role we still in the dark with the plot or at least give us a tidbit or some crumbs. But at least this moving fast on schedule.
Spielberg leaving Disney, looking at Back to the Future and Jaws remakes and now dissing Superheros. What's with all the publicity? Does he have a new movie out next week? Look at the comments below. Some are pleased with his comments. Everything comes and goes in cycles but it's not people will get tired of Superhero movies. Its the bad ones that people get tired of and ruins it for everyone else. Hear that Fox and DC?
Long story short: "Nobody Knows Nothing" All this talk about tracking and they still missed the mark to the point that both companies declined to comment. It's all about the fans of cinema and thier love of movies instead of corporations and suits.
Let's face it. Put in Hulk and Thor and you might as call it Avengers 3 instead of Civil War. So while we know Thor was never considered to be in Civil War, having Hulk it this, it would not be a Captain America movie even through the line is so close. Hulk needs to be given he's own movie again and hopefully they'll get it right.

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