Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday's Movie News

BTR show will premiere this week. Emmys, Movie and Blu-ray reviews and more. Live on MNN this Saturday.
This has the complete list on the nominees and winners in all catagories. Both Dinklage and Hamm both won and of course Viola Davis great speech. This was a great show. Way better than the Oscars.
My only complaint was Veep for Comedy. Really? Well at least Modern Family didn't win. The most over rated comedy there is. More on the Radio Show this week for sure.
Lots of Video clips highlighting the best and worst of the show. Even the worst is better than the Oscars, lol.
Kaching! I'm not surprised. Disney is taking no chances on the cash in. Remember when Lucas said the original negatives were damaged or some excuse like that then released them on DVD special editions. So what else is new?
Long commericial but worth it. Can you guess how many references are from past movies including a villain, even tho I don't know how they got permission for that. SEE BONUS below links for more Bond.
Did anyone notice the TV Batman series played during Ben's entrance? I sure didn't. Back to the playback.
Well, someone sure changed their mind. Guess Bill and Dan talked him into it. Well he deserves to be in it anyways. Shame
He did cameos on ther superman shows which I didn't realize. And the show ran for six years but could have last even longer if it wasn't for Reeves death. That's how popular the show was.

A cute fun guide for those suffering from Amnesia of movie franchises. Note: It says License to Kill was a misfire and leads to say because of this there was no more Bond until 1995. This was based on a short story by Fleming and Dalton was signed to do more films. But that whole biding war between UA, MGM and Sony let to a stand still until the rights to the franchise were figured out. Dalton got tired of waiting (as he was losing work due to this) and split from the contract.

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