Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

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Saturday Update:
Wow that escalated quickly. Now all 3 franchises are involved. Well we have to thank Jurassic World for this. If it wasn't for that big Irex hitting No. 3 All time box office, this would have been on the slow burn. Better for us.
umping on the Marvel band wagon? Why not? Fans get a kick out of these and would work great with the Star Wars universe.

Friday Update:
Looks like someone woke up behind the desk. What took them so long? This was a no brainer from the get go.
Check out the comments on this news. Most are worry about the size between these two. Skull Island is in a different time line to start with so they can branch out in any direction. More on this on the next radio show.

This doesn't get a feature in Variety site unless it's a big deal and according to them, this is a big deal.
While they don't have an exact number for sales, it does give an idea how future releases like F7 and world are going to do. To get an idea from the article, see link below...
While a few weeks old, (this need an update big time) this gives you an idea on the the numbers on sales. Look at "Home" release and it has sold $17M back at this date. Now Mad Max has done 10 times these numbers and the overall numbers Mad Max is doing. My point is? This guarantees another sequel that the fans are waiting for. Amazing Spidey 2 topped at $20M on Blu-ray sales and that's what killed the trilogy that was not meant to be.
Sam Mendes and his love for Live and Let Die is kind of obvious here with the man with the skull face and top hat. That's a nod to Geoffrey Holder who played the original part in the voodoo scene.
Did anyone catch that? LaLD was Mendes first 007 film he saw when he was a kid as he has said himself.
For a small 30 seconds spot it sure does include a lot of footage never seen before. I still say Blofeld shows up in this even if its a cameo or the big reveal that it's Chris Waltz character after all. 
I wish somebody made up their mind. So he is in it. Ok, but as a ghost. They should never have had killed him in the first place. He would have been a great villian to show up every now and then in the sequels to give Superman a hard time. But what we get again. Lex Luthor. And man that gets old.
The team behind Edge of Tomorrow, a film most did not get in concept but I thought it was one of the best films of last year. Hopefully the studio won't pull the plug and go ahead with this.

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