Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New shows coming including Live on MNN this Saturday.
Four choices to pick from. Gotta admit they all look cool but B88 will be my first choice.
Ok some of us are tired of this franchise. But the mention of Beast Wars got me curious. And it would be cool to see more of Optimus in outer space. But lets face it. Erase the storylines and you can cross these films and miss nothing as far as the plot goes.
If you read between the lines it suresounds like there are nervous about this and superheros franchises all together. Remember these are corporate studios who running things to the ground. Strking while the iron is hot. And everything goes in cycles. A franchise or brand can take a break and can always make a comeback. PS Westerns are not dead. They just moved to a new parking spot: Internet TV.
They couldn't give her a better remake? The first one wasn't all that. But maybe they could make it better and fit her character for this. But Road House?
This is so funny but the film is playing to film festivals overseas and already there's talk about Oscar. I thought this was just another space movie. Not that is bad but Ridley did Prometheus and that still pisses me off.
Left over from yesterday but the trailer is just one big tease up coming up for the new season. Zygons are back and more Daleks. It all looks good.

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