Friday, May 15, 2015

Mad Max Preview

New Radio Promo coming later this weekend. New show on Monday.

Sunday Update:
$70M for the weekend ofr Pitch Perfect 2. Boxoffice Mojo didn't even bothered to predict the weekend cause even they didn't know the outcome. They are suppose to be the experts. This boggles the mind. But $44M is not shabby, anything less than $40 would have been a wipeout considering the price tag. More on the radio show this week..

Saturday Update:
How the heck did this happened? Not even the "experts" thought the movie could pull this off. Even top of the bad reviews on Pitch compare to the rave reviews of Mad Max. But Max will still do good next weekend while Pitch will have a huge dropoff. And on top of that Max will do huge internationally. My review coming soon.

Now where in the top 10 All time is this going to land at? And close will it get to pass F7.
This linki includes another gallery of 83 pics, for those who can't get enough.
Top 10 Quotes from all 4 movies. My favorite is fromthe new one at No. 10.
Video Feature on Director George Miller with scenes from MM Fury Road. It also covers the supporting cast including some of the cuties who were not even born when Road Warrior was made!
Video Feature on the Movie's Villain Immortan Joe in MM Fury Road,
Looks like we have a wiiner! The actor from Ender's Game and Hugo might be the new Spiderman.
Filming has started on Capt. America Civil War so time has run out to find the new Spiderman.
What I love aobut these guys you never what language they speak but you still understand what's going on. Very international and very funny. It's just summer dumb fun. Nothing more.
Another western to make a comeback, that's 4 movies now that are western based. Makes sense for Jackie since Rush Hour franchise is now a tv show. Bring back the western!

Our premiere live show on MNN is now playing on our Youtube page.
You can also see the video posted on yesterday's blog.
I'll be doing a test run on Talk Shoe Radio with a new phone line, to see how that works.
More on this updated blog tomorrow.

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