Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New Radio coming this week.
Vid and slides but check out the next videos that come up next. All behind the scenes stuff..
So this is the guy responsible for this, lol? Just a quick interview with him but it shows how he moved up in the CW world to producing these shows. Good for him. And those two in the background wearing red, they make a cute couple don't they? (OK, I'm being a smart ass, relax!).
A quick wrap up on the introduction of these shows. What amazes me is they have most of the cast from the original Heroes coming back. Guess that day gig didn't work out after all, lol.
That Joker car looks sweet. As these videos show, Batman in part of the film after all. These involving a chase sequence. 1 pic and 3 vids included.
This article as a vid with a different angle. Notice how slow thechase is? Trick of the trade when you see it on screen and they are driving fast as hell.
Here we go again. Milking the franchise for all its worth. And this one to be animated? Why not just released this as a straight to home video? Who's going to pay for something that you can see at home?
Guess Fox doesn't have faith in the new F4. Lets face it. Great idea the first time around but the picture did suck at best. They had no budget to make the damn thing. Just check out the features on the DVD. They had to cut croners and it showed. I'm fora remake for this for sure.
The only reason I'm posting this hear is that it means after he's done with ST\tar Trek 3 he's moving on like the rest of the cast. Then maybe Trek will go back to TV and stop with the rebooting?

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