Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Boxoffice Report

Coming this week: Radio promo, Radio show and new Live show on Saturday on MNN.
Already the top 10 of all time but where will it land? Will it pass F7 and tied with Avengers for the No. 3? It looks that way. Considering F7 is just $30M away from the Top 3 spot. Memorial Day weekend we will see the fina tally on the competition. But of course Star Wars is going to change all that.
A few shots from a womans point of view. That takes a lot of guts, male or female to pull off some of these stunts. Couldn't pay me enough.
A spinoff would be a great idea. He needs a franchise himself instead of saving the day with sequels.
In the meantime he can keep on doing these even as a crossover doing cameos in later sequels of No. 8.
2 quick mini-videos filmed in Africa. They got to filming this real fast. Marvel is taking no chances on falling on behind wth the scedule.
No video here but a couple of good closeups on the set.
By this point it's just sounds like to much covering up on what happened. All different angles to the story. But even when people hae to be reminded this is the guy who played BAne in Batman, when I mention Star Trek:Nemesis, people just go Wha........? The Trek movie that nobody saw and Trekkis refuse to mention. Believe or not, at Boxofficemojo, it took months fro them to reveal what the final tally was, guess pressure from the studio, that the final take was just $60M. Ouch!
A few shots but Warners took down the video already. Well it was on this morning. Basterds. It looked cool. Somebody else will have it on Youtube. Just have to be quick about it.

Note: Still working on those radio shows. And more FlickR pics will also be posted.

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