Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekend Boxoffice Report

Last weeks Radio show still playing, new one coming this week.
Latest Radio Show playing. New one coming this week.
Quick read. It means that Tomorrowland got Pitched Slapped at the Boxoffice. (yeah I got puns, its so easy). The Clooney flick snhould have cleared over &70M and PP2 took a big chunk out of that.  The Mouse is hurting. That's what they get for a stinker. But MM Fury Road is hanging in there and still have time to clean up before those Dinosaurs take over. Talking about dinosaurs........

 People are hungry for fun stuff. PP2 prove that. And after the disappointing Clooney fans are going to flock to see this. And lets not forget theres a new generation that missed the original ones when first released, not counting the 3D release.

This will be huge. But how big besides hitting the $1Billion mark will it be? What amazes me is the film only costs $150M with all those dinosaurs? Tomorrowland costs $180M and that was people standing in front of a green screen. Accountants at Disney should looking at their books so see where that money went.

Another huge hit coming down the pike. Incredible long interview with 38 pics with other shots. Very well detailed I must say.

The original film ended with him being old with a beard. So now it's a perfect fit. Being a PG-13 instead of R is a better bet. The first one really didn't need all that violence. And nowadays theycan get away with alot more than they did 20 years ago with a PG13 rating.

Well I guess Sin City 3 is out of the question. Well they took just too damn long to make that one.
I alwyas have been a Rodriquez fan. I like to see what he does with this one. One thing for sure it won't be a 200M blow it. This doesn't need to be an overblown Indy Jones movie.

Note: Playing now are repeats of last week RAdio Show and Promo. No MNN show this weekend
so hopefully we'll do a Talk Shoe Radio on Saturday since Sunday I have to be in the music studio which is seperate from the MNN Shows. More this weeks blog.

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