Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

Has this guy watch any Anime movies at all? A lot of them have Kick Ass chicks. There was even a american name filmed called Kick Ass. Hello! As far as the messages go:
1. Electra, Marvel was still struggling to get its roots down.
2.3. Both made by Warners/DC what do you expect and they still can't get it right.
CEO has to catch up with the times and look who he's talking to, an exec from Sony! Jeez....

11 Minute video of mixing the sound on the Avengers Ultron. Scroll down and you also get making of clips Godzilla, Transformers, Instellars and others. All behind the scenes featurettes with scenes from the movies.

Salute to Stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton stuntman of Avengers with interviews along with pictures and a mini video at the end of the article.

They put Heimdall in the halluciantions sequence but not Loki? Jeez that was dumb. No offense to Elba but bla..bla...bla...Ok Never mind, got it. What a better way to sell the Blu-ray edition but to include Loki's deleted scene. Oh silly me...

"Meesa no wanna care" He should have joined the darkside, now would have been funny.

Loved that last episode and even tho that "Babe" thing got annoying. Maroni deserve that shot in the head. Penguin and Fish showdown was cool but she could swim her way out of that. But the main thing was the door to the Batcave? What the heck, did he's father built that? Dad was a superhero?
Guess we have to wait for Season 2. Same Bat time, Same Bat channel.

Note: Running late posting sl some articles are being postpone until tomorrow in time for that new Radio Show I promised since the Ice Age. It's coming folks.

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