Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday Movie News

Well most of the shows are done with the season and Dave says goodye. Next show topic for the radio show before the live show on MNN this Saturday.
Review of the show which is broken down in order with the videos. My fav was the Foo Fighters ending the show with Everlong while showing vids and pics throughout the years including Andy Kaufman getting bitch slapped at 1:40 mark. Multi-repeat and pause is necessary to view it all. I mean it was a lot. Nicely done Letterman. Has anyone found me on that Thanksgiving Special? And by the way I never saw the clip myself. Go figure.
So the three raptors got names. Kinda cute. Hopefully there will be a lot of action with some intense scenes. Hopefully the movie will be good period.
More pics which looks like the same day of the shoot from the previous post.

Note: Radio show then the MNN show and this blog will be udpated tomorrow since it was a slow news day.

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