Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New Live Show now playing. See link below articleNew Radio Show this weekend.
The imagination in building these cars is wild. With very few CG added (mostly the clouds).
Forget about Pitch, Witherspoon comedy tanked and so will this. The big question now stands will the Furious 7 fans be with this or will The Avengers:Ultron will get repeaters. That is the showdown. But the disavantage for Max is that it's rated R and does not have the 3D cheat. Either way if it's No. 1 I'll be happy.
Stunt hiring. Maybe but lets face it. She deserved to be nominated for Selma as Director and did not.
Whether it'll be a female, black or whatever title she's given, it would be great to expand on the boys club known as Marvel. And watch DC follow this up as not to be left behind with this idea.
They finally got around to making this a movie. It was a fun game and they even got the original voices from the game to be in the movie. They even got Stallone in this. Why not? He played an animated Ant in Antz with Woody Allen out of all people. That was a fun film if you haven't seen it.4 out of 5. Bettter than Bugs, 3 out of 5, which was more for kids.
Tomorrowland 2 minute behind the scenes featurette. at 1:20 one person mentions science fiction to science fact. That's been our motto for our live show at the very beginning. And why I love Sci-fi over other genres to this very day.
They need classic superstars like Stevie Wonder and Prince on this show. While I like Chris Rock and Alicia Keys tese are not Big Names as the article states. Look how many "Big Names" started showing up on American Idol and that show tanked to getting cancelled. See ya! But then again this show doesn't need "names" to keep the audience interested. The cast they have is good enough.

Finally uploaded on 2015 season premiere show after some link problems.

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