Thursday, May 07, 2015

Captain America Civil War Cast Announcement

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Saturday Update:
So far $21M for Friday. They predicted over $80M and I said $50M on the radio show. So far it looks in between. Doesn't matter whose right, my point is the dropoff as there won't be repeats and after that cast announcement for Civil War some might just wait to see that movie. I forgot to add many also find out who are the new Avengers and there goes the surprise at the end of Ultron.
We'll see the final tally on Sunday afternoon. For final results on all the movies you can go to

Friday Update:
While the article makes a point about burnout, the main problem is a no repeats performance. The cast announcement killed that yesterday as everyone is saying that's the Avengers movie that should have happened. While Ultron is fun and all, how many times will you see it? I saw twice (second was a free pass) and getting the blu-ray but that's it for me. As far as Thor and Hulk not being in it, they need a break. The real treat is seeing Spiderman with the Avengers where he belongs. Enough with those damn solo movies.
Nice 2 minute video with more scenes from the movie. These stunts look crazy. Fast Furious fans have to save this to get this franchise going. But Road Warrior with Mel Gibson is a must to see before seeing this fro sure.
Excellent cast and Kurt Russell as he played Wyatt Earp in Tombstone, one of his performances ever.
Will Tarantino's second crack at the western be the charm at bringing back the western?

With the size of this cast they should just call this The Avengers: Civil Wars. Main issue, how much screen time is everyone going to get.  Man, this film crowded with names.
More coverage here with more cast details. This cast is even bigger than Ultron. Yikes this is going to be huge at the boxoffice. Who wouldn't want to see this? Poor Thor, he is going to need Loki big time.
Personally I couldn't care less what cameras they use as long as the damn film is good. But surprisingly Ultron grossed $25M using this Imax technology so if it works, what the heck.
I never even heard of these awards but Furious 7 still goin strong with it's wins. Who would have thought?
Here's something new to follow. Obviously Ultron is there but they even have a TV ratings system, click link in the article, and both Flash and Arrow are in the top 10. Cable listings has both games of Throne and Walking Dead in the top 10, Duh! and Fallon leads in the Late night shows.
Great article on the history of this film that was never finished. This is one of Spielberg's favorite directors. He practically stole that Raiders of the Lost Ark final sequence in the warehouse from Citizen Kane's ending. How come he doesn't put in the rest of the money himself? Yo Steve, what's up?

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