Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News
Ford is to old and he's busy with Blade Runner. Pratt or Cooper would be perfect for the role. But Willow and Radioland Murders as remakes? Why?
Will this die quickly if there's no repeats from the audience and will Mad Max kill it the next weekend? The big question for the month.
Good article which explains the difference between the directors on the list. That new 4 story arc is nonsense. Just put in The Avengers and call it a day. The high school days is a waste of time, sounds more like TV and Smallville then a actual movie. Another idea that sucks. Greed, just plain greed.
I thought this was pretty funny. Like most movies nowadays they try to sneak them in or the case of Man of Steel, with that huge sears sgin in the back, it's right in your face. You know, I didn't even notice most of these in this version. And I still don't care.
Peter Jackson is involve with this but not the movie. Unless he's a consultant on the movie. universal had a King Kong set that burned to the ground so it's nice they have a new one to pay tribute to the big guy. Know.....where the hell is that Godzilla VS. King Kong remake movie?

Catch Up News:
This is one hell of a lineup. The sotry is simple enough and with a great cast like this how can they screw his up. But I'm not a fan of Fugua work. He's no John Sturges that's for sure. And people are just not crazy for westerns nowadays considering JJ Abrahams mentioned Westerns at the Star Wars Con and nobody paid attention to that detail.

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