Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

I always loved this character even when Arnold did it, that movie is another matter, but this second season is really lining up some favorite villains. And I wouldn't mind seeing Fish coming back somewhere down the line. She's not an orginal but she really added something to this first season.

The reviews are coming in and they are fantastic. Hope thye add up at the boxoffice. Tom Hardy has been signed to do more sequels, it be a same it doesn't go forward with those.

A case in point that the weekends boxoffice for Avengers was nothing to talk about.

Now hte big creatures are coming out to the big screen. Jumping on the bandwagon with an idea which is directly from te "Godzilla Hensei Series". with the mental connection angle. It figures.

This should have been on the list 5 years ago instead we got Cars 2 and Brad tried to make John Carter work.  The sooner the better before this becomes old news.

Note: Still having a tech problem on posting our MNN show on Youtube. Still working on that.

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