Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Flash Finale

New Promo on Talk Show Radio playing. BTR show coming tomorrow.
Do not read the following 2 links if you haven't seen the show yet:
Well somebody had to go I guess so this makes sense. Not to surprised considering.
Nice recap of the show with stills in order of the plot as it went along. For me the last 15 minutes was a rocker. This is what you call a finale ending. Did anyone notice the line "May the speed force be with you"?
Mini vid plus some behind the scenes of the cast on the set. This still looks like an Avenger picture than a Captain America flix.
Again with the Green Goblin but seeing Matthew taking the role would be fun and different. Let's not forget he started in Texas Chainsaw 3 as part of the crazy family and worned a suit in Wolf of Wall St. so this wouldn't be a stretch for him.
As I said in a previous blog the Hathway Monster Moive was a ripoff of the Hensei series when one of the characters can mind talk with Godzilla. Well now Toho seems to think so. Or maybe they read my blog, lol. Who knows...

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