Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Boxoffice Review

New radio show coming this week.
$77M is not to shabby. I'm surprise it made that much since I called it at $50M but then again the studios were calling it at $80-88M so they came in short in the accounting department. Now the real challenge is will it hold against Mad Max 3 this coming weekend. That should be interesting.
Now here is their predictions and already $600M for Avengers Ultron is a stretch. Then again last year BOMojo got 8 out of 12 wrong on what they thought were going to be the big money makers.
More on this on a new Radio Show this week.
"Piracy is better than an Emmy" for generating awareness. What's funny is that the ratings for this show is huge and like Furious 7 also pirated all over the world is in the top 5 of all time boxoffice.
Go figure. You notice the studio has been very quiet on that topic when it comes to F7.
Mini video with Will shooting guns. Still not sold on this idea but it's still has a great cast.
They just couldn't resist could they? lol. But hong long would this last? Well as long they they can keep coming up with sequels that the audience will still keep on paying I guess.
And how many times has he played God or a leader of some degree? Just saying, lol.

Note: For those who missed out live show on Saturday I'm in the process of uploading it to youtube which is taking longer than usual.

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