Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

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No bloated over 2 hours running time is fine with me. I mean wehave a trilogy to tell the arc of the story. And Lando is not out of the count. Let's not forget, Ford Han Solo always wanted to die and there is still that rumour going on with the new story. So who would fly the M Falcon but the original owner Lando himself which he flew in Return of the Jedi. So this would make sense not that I would want Solo to die. We would like to see him again to finish off this new trilogy, right?

The Untold Story of ILM. Wow, what a big article. You might want to read this on the weekend. Many inerviews including those on the cover shot. I remember getting the book about ILM called The Art of Spocial Effects which I still have to this day. There has been different covers since then.

Some spoilers here about the ending if you haven't yet seen the movie. The actual take for this past weekend is $45M. The 3 day weekend will help even more as Tomorrowland is getting mixed reviews. But that sure didn't hurt Pitch Perfect 2 did it? What they don't mention is that the top 3 films, Pitch, Max, Ultron together made over $150M on a none holiday weekend. People are coming to the theatres indroves.. Now the experts are keeping quiet here aren't they?

CAn we say cute overload? Something very original and it will be a huge hit.2 vids and 38 screen shots. Nice.

Fun cast with Director Columbus (Harry Potter) should be a hit. My probelm with this is not the concept (whihc I love as wacky as it sounds) but execution. Too much of a Ghostbusters ripoff. But all of our favorites from the day are here. It sure brings make memories of these games. Well at least this trailer makes the film look better. But I don't expect Wreck it Ralph here. Now that was fun.

The big summer blockbuster that was bumped to......October? Not even for the year end holidays.
Well the trailer explains a lot. Besides some money shots it looks like crap. Didn't they get the memo? Nobody was asking for this. Hugh better think twice about retiring from X-Men and Wolverine all together. He still got a few runs with that character.

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