Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Blog: Suicide Squad- Sinister 6-Sniper
Excellent  article on Spidey heading back to Marvel. Again something I've been saying for 2 years noEw. It's just to obvious. Also covers Suicide Squad, DC doing TV better than Marvel, something else we've been saying since last summer and more Avengers. Great tidbits.
I'm posting this for the comments alone. Wow they are funny but pretty much on the money. People are fed up and have Spidey go over to Marvel already. Wish it was that easy.
This is actually starting to sound good. While squad has a great cast this needed a jump start and what better than having Batman and Joker going at it again. It just never gets old. Unlike Superman and Lex Luthor, with so many villians who are more exciting like General Zod, Luthor is just a boring charcter no matter what the legacy is in the comics. Some may not like to hear that but I;m still waiting for Braniac to show up, so where is he?
This movie did not need 160 pages of script. It was long enough and got the job done with the right amount of screen time for the story. As far as focusing on the two snipers another picture "Enemy of the Gates"did it better with Ed Harris and Jude Law.

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