Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday's Movie News Links

Maybe it has to do that Paddleton didn't do all that good at the boxoffice they decided to go to a full animated movie aka Peanuts. This is the rightdirection, remember The Flintsones? You know, the one where Steven Spielberg does not mention on his resume?
Spoiler: Both The Penquin & The Riddler finally meet up. Never mind that Robin angle. These 2 along with the Scarecrow joining the list and getting the show renewed for a full 2nd is really setting the bar for this show. At first I didn't think this show would not work. Man, I was glad I was sooooooo wrong.
Out with the old and in with the new. No Stewart and Mckellan either is just like a reboot. How wonder Hugh Jackman is doing so many other projects, he's ready to lose his day job.
Nice side job for Serkis. Now when is he going to get his Lifetime Achievement Oscar award for his work in Mo-Cap. Oh forgot he's has to finish his Ape gig then get his award. Wait till he starts directing full time. Having Peter Jackson as a mentor is no joke that's for sure.
That was a surprise by Keaton losing and Eddie Redmayne getting Best Actor. While everyone else was a given the Actor catagory threw everyone off for the Oscars. Now we're talking. With every other catagory being predictable this will be the showdown everyone is going to be looking at.
And for Best Picture? No Boyhood was mentioned at either one of these awards. So it looks like
Birdman and American Sniper. Either one is fine with me as long as it's not that damn kid growing up for 10 years.

Yeah Lopez is big down here but Sniper is doing huge down here as this town hastown. But The National Guard and Ramey Base, a former Airforce post  that became the towns airport which has the longest runway down here in the Caribbean. So do the locals love American Sniper? Fk yeah...

Note; Due to a big network crash I manage to sneek this blog in before the deadline. More will be added to this date tomorrow so I can catch up and get that Radio show in also.

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