Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News Links

Yeah I know, old news with all this Antman talk. But Scarlett is Hot. So there.
As most of you know "Ghost" was done already as "The Matrix" as Ghost was ripped off left and right for that film. But at least the original is finally getting made and Scarlett is perfect for it.

Can't believe how fast this happened. In development for the longest, director fired and now in a few mnths it will be on the big screen, which reminds me....

Talk about putting this on the fast track. Being in a award nominated movie like Foxcatcher doesn't hurt either. And probably hoping noone notices Jupiter Ascending which was bumped to February. Not a good sign there but at this point it's not going to hurt him what so ever.

Basically all the films nominated for Golden Globes are here but I'm rooting for the darkhorse
"Whiplash" just to get nominated for an Oscar as Best Picture. And I'm
really sick of Boyhood.

Note: My predictions for Golden Globes will be posted on Thursday's Blog. Radio show will be posted on Friday which will include all of my predictions with movie reviews.

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