Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday's Movie News Links

Update:SAG Awards Predictions Link included. Please see Note below links.
Funny skit. Love this show. Glad they got out of that Isis thing. That arc was all over the place.
H. Jon Benjamin is one of the luckiest voice over guys right now. This show and Bob Burgers, he does he voice of Bob are big rating busters. And he is funny in both of them with two completely different charcters but same voice. Good job if you can get it, lol. So cool.
Stan the Man tells like it is. Of course this is all hype about the universe as they have so much on their plate. Hopefully when it gets to that point, we don't get a suit saying "Let's Reboot" that is the time to take away his parking space.
Who? Does it matter? This will probably work since DC is on a roll with TV and such.
And this has to be better than that Supergirl movie anyways, something that hurts to talk about.
While Pegg is a self confessed Sci-Fi geek, check out the alien movie "Paul" a  4 out of 5" good time, this ST3 is beginning to be a mix bag of sorts. Just get this over with and Trek back on TV.
While I think it's a great idea with these packages for the inner film geek, the only problemwould be getting throught the mediocre films to get to the good ones.
The first comment says it all. Most of these are not even Oscar worthy which I have been saying since the Golden Globe nominations. They would be lucky to get 5 this year.
Wow, talk about the hype. I'm posting this, again not jumping on the band wagon but as filmmaking 101. Good campaign, strategy, hype can fake people into thinking they are backing a great picture. Which I did say, I gave this a 3, Unbroken a 4 and Imitation Game as Best Picture and Personal Fav Whiplash is in the game.. Just like all the hype on Boyhood and people are brainwash thinking it's a great film. All I can say to all future filmmaker is Do Not put a fake baby in a scene and think you're going to get away with it.

Note: Blog Talk Radio postponed till Monday to include this weekends SAG .
Instead of continuing with more award specials I'm going to wrap up everything  once and for all
with the next special. Then one last Oscar prediction show in February.
For the record I agree with all these predictions especially Keaton for Birdman.
After that speech about his son at the Golden Globes how can they say no. I still stand behind
Benedict Cumberbatch for Best Actor but a Photobomb can't beat a crying tribute to a Son.
Well play Keaton, well played.
Sunday Update: Surprise. They went it Stephen Hawkins dude, something the Oscars would do, hadicapped and all. Well they are fellow actors and saw right thru Keaton's speech I guess.
Who ever wins here usually wins theOscar as they are the same voting party at the Oscars.
Guess which means the only showdown is for Best Picture and at this point that can be anything.

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