Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Note: Oscar Nods tomorrow followed by a show on Blog Talk Radio.
One from the 1980's. The new Mad Max is getting good reviews so if they do this right this might have a chance not like Terminator franchise (no hope for that Genesys thing). But that iconic World Trade Center shot? What is going to replace that? With original Director John Carpenter as Executive Producer I'm sure he'll so right. This was a personal fav not like Escape from LA. We don't talk about that.
Wow, that was fast to Blu-ray. Less than 2 months. Sony really wants to get their money back quick while the momentum is still going strong for the film. This is still playing at Caribbean Cinemas down here in PR. Yep down here out of all places and the picture is still playing. Man, these guys got fans, lol.
Just the title alone this will be a big hit. Like I said a million times before DC get these right, movie wise well...But! On IMDB there is some bad feedback on the next Justice League: Throne of Atlantis.
Coming out on Jan. 27 we'll see what the fans say.
Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas will be a landslide. Everything else is predictable, I mean Transformers, Duh!
Fav category; Worst Screen Combo: Krik & his Ego. Classic!

Tomorrow will be the Oscar nods with a show on Blog Talk Radio to follow and that quick wrap up of the Golden Globes. It will be a short 30 minute show. Then tomorrow night the Critics Choice Awards like anyone cares.
My Nods:
Best Picture: Unbroken, Whiplash as they still haven't been recognize for this category.
Best Supporting Actress: Tilda Swanson for Snowpiercer. What's wrong with these people?
Everything else is a shoo in, oh well.

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