Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News Links

In this blog: Super Bowl Movie Trailers & Commercials list, Vote for next performer at SB.

Look at this list to vote for the next performers who haven't played compare to what we've been getting:
 Katie Perry = Bathroom break....AC/DC = No bathroom break (piss out the window, sorry neighbor).
Look at the vote results to see who's the most requested. That is so cool.
So which one is your favorite. And mine? Crysdale Horse & Dog, Bronsan 007 Goof, Hamburger chick. Duh! Worst is Kim, how indulgent. Best Context: Domestic violence. Some of these just plain suck. I'll let you judge which ones are those.
Great list with some movie trailers to preview before the game. Should be fun with all these played and of course the slaughter, I meant the game itself. Now who the hell is playing halftime?.
Nice history on how all this got started. A couple of cool videos are included here.
The trailer is also included in the above link as this too will run on Super Bowl but this deserves it's link here. Since this is coming around the corner so soon and there's nothing really to look forward with Sniper stealing all the money at the boxoffice. Oh I forgot one tho..................
Didn't I mention this yesterday about having Bill Murray in this, but it looks like it's for a new role all together. With all the hate going into this at this Point I don't think is going to matter how this does.
DUH!!! What did anyone expect? The years first major bomb at $170M. Let's not forget marketing at another $50 at least. Everytime a movie gets pushed back so many times is not a good sign.
Look at the top 3 with Whiplash at No.3 and Sniper at No. 4, surprised at that one.
But it looks like Boyhood and Birdman are going to battle it out for that Oscar. Well that sucks.
This is a shame but a warning for up and coming actors. Even after an Oscar it's still hard to pay the rent. Not everyone actor can be Meryl Streep and keep getting nominated. Ouch.

Note:. Special thanks to Joblo for the list. Yep I'm also a member of the site which explains some of the links I provide courtesy of them.

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