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Whiplash Full Metal Drummer is Reed Richards? Will he be pushing or dragging? Either way while most agree we don't need a reboot just having Miles Teller is a plus right there. Micheal B Jordon is also a plus regardless of ethnic background, I mean who cares. Act Damn it Act!I just hope they don't screw up The Thing. But imagine they had JK Simmons as Dr. Doom, lol. I be there on opening day so fast.
You go ladies, I like this cast. First get over the idea, second its not GB2, uggghhhhh.
Melissa: He slimed me, I liked it.      Cut to Kristen:
Kristen: Ewwwwwwww......so how was it?
Yeah this can work, bonus round have Bill Murray make a cameo, oh so sweet.

1. Speilberg got turned down for Directing James Bond, Lucas told him "we got our own Bond"
2. Tom Selleck was first offered the role, got stuck with tv Magnum PI, now doing tv Blue Bloods.
3. Darabont (creater of Walking Dead, co-creator Godzilla '14) wrote the best Indy movie, Lucas turned down Darabont script for Crystal (Shit) Skull. How wonder Disney took Star Wars away from Lucas. They knew he couldn't be trusted with his own material.
4. Hopefully  we might see that great script from Darabont with Pratt in the lead.
5. Ford is old, get over it. Everyone is getting replace, yesterdays X-Men link another example.

htt p://www.latino-review.com/news/live-action-x-men-tv-series-in-the-works
I love that sticking point, 20th Century Fox has to have Disney's blessing. What have I been saying for the longest boys and girls? The House of Mouse always wins. Next...

While Quint told the story, they actually went ahead many years later and made the film:
Mission of the Shark: The Saga of the USS Indianapolis.
Even tho made for TV this is an excellent movie that should be seen about what happened to the crew. Great acting around up until the very end. A must see until this new version gets made.e
But I really don't see the need to remake this except to see everyone get eaten alive in graphic detail. Not necessary. The original stands alone as it is.

At one time Tom Cruise and Denzal were going to make the classic Magnificent 7. Why? At least Sandler is making this a comedy which fine with me. But will it be funny at Blazing Saddles or Cat Ballou (imdb it folks). Seth tried with A Million Ways and that tanked. Well just imagine Growin Up in the old west and you'll get an idea what Sandler might get away with. Can't beat Saddles tho.

Coming this week: That Radio Show.......

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