Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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It's always been about the big fight and if the storyline takes second place well then it's a most. The last ting we need is a boring script as a filler just to lead up to the fight. Or a heavy convoluted script just to confuse the issues at hand. Something simple and direct. Then the next movie can be a total mess. But at least we won't get the Nolan fights if you want to call it that. Wow those were bad.

Somehow they managed to pull this off. I didn't think Iwould like it but find myself tuning in no matter what. Agents of Shield, now thats pulling teeth. Take those 2 hotties out and there's no show.
Now the trick here is can they make it to at least 5 years and not get stuck with the villain of the week shtick?

Cause being unemployed really sucks and being in a cable show that nobody remembers or saw for that matter doesn't help matters. That's "The Tudors" for you cable fans.

No, before you think I'm jumping on the band wagon I did say on my Radio Show I prefered "Unbroken" between both War Movies only because of the confrontation between POW & the Japanese Commander. And Unbroken did great at the Holidays crossing over the $100M at the Boxoffice along with Into The Woods I might add. So why did this do so good? Look at the Oscars nods. Did you go out and rush to see any of them? Didn't think so. Taken 3 Sucked. Did you go out and rush to see that again? Didn't think so. There's nothing else out there. Bradley Cooper is box office gold right now. Oh, you don't think so. His fans think otherwise.

You know, I didn't notice this the first time around even tho I did say "man that's a quiet baby".
But with all the controversy going on (which I refuse to talk about, some actors/filmmakers should just shut the FK up), the only concern I have is this movie losing to Boyhood. Some people just don't want to let go of that movie for crying out loud.

Goldfinger in 4K but only in Europe? This needs to be seen stateside for sure. And maybe then some of the other Bonds too in 4K. We all have our favorite but the early ones should be the first ones need to be screened. Hopeful thinking.

Running out of material? Well everything must come to an end. But it has togo out with a bang. But it seems like there's enough material to go a long while. And since they don't stick 100% to the original material (like those hobbits) they can stretch this out like what they did with that Hobbit book. 300 pages into 9 Hours?!!!

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