Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday's Movie News Links

Recap of Golden Globes below Links since most don't care anyways, lol.
Filming around the world starting in April including the family's place Puerto Rico? Probably
in San Juan aka Agents of Shield and Fast & Furious 5. My luck I will be heading back to NY by then.
The first big hit of the year. They need to maek another one so they can get the damn story right.
Boring middle, action all at the end. Next time: Heavy body count throughout, thank you.
Then call it Taken 4: Kaching!
Well Billy had to show up somewhere considering he got totally dissed for No. 7.
And this show keeps getting better, so why are the fans still trashing this?
WE got Yoda back (original voice Frank Oz) on Jan. 5 Path of the Jedi. Great dialogue " A Jedi You may yet be". That's right I watch. "Fan I am, age matters not". So there!
While the show was funny the awards were so whack. Boyhood? Well the Oscars are going to suck that's for sure. And how the hell did Budapest win over Birdman? Dragon 2 over Lego Movie? Well I got my 3 right, J.K. Simmons, Julian Moore, Micheal Keaton. Everything else? Right out the window.

Note: Recap of the Globes on the radio show will be this coming Thursday to coincide with
the Academy Awards nomination announcements. Hopefully Whiplash and Unbroken will get their nominations for the Best Picture category.

Mini Reviews:
Unbroken: a solid 4 out of 5. Jolie, you go girl! Very underrated WW2 film. Only weak spot was in the middle on the lift raft waiting to be rescued. I blame the script for that. Excellent Camera work by Roger Dakean (Skyfall) really adds to the picture. Crossing the $100M mark at the boxoffice is well deserved.
American Sniper: 3 out of 5. Excellent combat scenes with Bradley Cooper doing a great job but the movie drags when it gets to stateside and his homelife. It goes back and forth with that and just makes you wish they stick to the action scenes. Excellent ending using real footage. I'm always a sucker for those kind of endings.

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