Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News Links

Trailer with 26 screen shots, behind the scenes and art work covering the movie.
My favorite is No. 18, Scarlett as Black Widow. Nice overhead shot, hee hee.

Wow, that was close. Aren't we all glad that Disney took over. Sit down George and enjoy the show.

Like the movies ar not bad enough now we get this. Bumblebee as leader. Yeah right. Yep, another angle to reboot the movie franchise and make the audience see this crap all over again.

If you going to do a remake of a classic at least get the right people to do it. Fincher and Affleck did  a good job on Gone Girl so this should be in good hands.

Whatever you think of Allen heis a legend of cinema. And for him to make this move say a lot
about the state of movies and tv/cable.

I loved both movies Selma & Unbroken by Duvernay and Jolie respectively. Tired of the boys club with overrated movies like Boyhood and Budapest Hotel, both who won Golden Globes, both highly overrated. Even in the boys club Birdman was better than the previous two. Where's the justice?

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